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About Us

Since opening as an animation studio in 2010, Treehouse Republic has grown into an award winning creative content and digital production studio.

Anything you can imagine, be it commercial advertising and broadcasting, custom made interactive graphics, corporate videos or a completely unique project, our talented team can animate it right here, in-house. Delivering high quality visual content, engaging audiences and communicating effective messages are at the heart of what drives us.

Treehouse Republic’s experienced creatives and producers have exactly what it takes to help you realise your vision, bringing your story to life in boldly creative ways. Whether it’s 2D / 3D animation, live action interactive or a mix of the above.

We are always open to new ideas and bespoke collaborations so contact us today and see how we can work together to bring your idea to life.

Treehouse Republic Entertainment

Treehouse Republic Entertainment is where you will find our superb in-house production team creating dangerously funny animations for 7 to 107 year old viewers. We dream up and construct worlds, realms and universes where stories come alive in incredible ways, delighting even the most discerning animation audiences.

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Treehouse Republic Studio

Treehouse Republic’s Studio creates everything from video animation and visual effects to motion graphics, live action images, interactive games, app development, e-learning tools and more. Click here to find out more about our talented studio and what we can do for you.

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Show Reels

At Treehouse Republic we are passionate about visual storytelling, we showcase our work through the delivery of fully animated, interactive and live action content.

For us, telling stories, whether in the form of a film, television series, game, e-learning project, corporate video or a commercial, is all about engaging with the audience.

We focus on delivering high quality visual content to engage audiences and communicate messages.

Budgets always vary but with our creative, enthusiastic and talented team, we are constantly working on new ways to communicate stories as effectively as possible.

Take a look at our showreels, or through the work of our different departments, and you’ll find that whatever the scale of the project, Treehouse Republic will embrace it.

If you want to see more click on the projects button in the header or onto the showreels tab to see the range of content we can create for you.



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