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About Us

Treehouse Republic is where great animation lives.

We are an award winning animation studio based in Dublin, Ireland, focusing the uniquely creative talents of our people to deliver work we are devoted to.

Our production studio has exactly what it takes to help you realise your vision. Creating animations from script to screen and everything inbetween.

Our Work

Treehouse Republic specialises in 2D animation production for Series and commercials, both for broadcast and online.

Our award winning studio has worked with a variety of brands, through development, pre-production and production, to deliver great animated video unique to their message.

When we create our own IP it has to be full of adventure, comedy, big worlds and bigger laughs! It’s simply because that is who we are


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Interested in joining our team?

Contact hr@treehouserepublic.com


2nd Floor, The Connolly Building, 42/43 Amiens Street, Dublin D01 E4X5

Phone: +353 16629688