8 Awesome Irish Studios You Need To Know At Cartoon Forum

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16th Jun 2016

8 Awesome Irish Studios You Need To Know At Cartoon Forum

Cartoon Forum 2016.

Last week we announced that we’re pitching a new show at Cartoon Forum in September. We gave you a first look at the main characters; if you missed it - here they are again.

The premise for the show goes like this...

‘When Burt Burchester invents a time machine in the distant future, his highly evolved monkey lab assistant, Archibald, is up first for a test run. Travelling back to the present, he is stuck when the time machine breaks. Archie seeks out the only guy he knows who can fix it, Burt. At 12 years old, he hasn’t yet gained the knowledge to fix a time machine and after attempting to rebuild it, they’re left with the ability to time travel, but there’s a catch. It sends them either back or forth, but they can’t set a date. With Big Chrono, the warden of the nexus they try to use time to their advantage with one harebrained scheme after the other’

Sounds awesome, right? We can’t wait to get over to Toulouse and show everyone Burt and Archie’s awesome adventures!

The best part is that we’re taking the trip to Toulouse with 7 other Irish amazing animation studios.

Giant Animation Studios are bringing ‘Creepers’

Igloo Films with ‘Peek Zoo’

Jam Media with ‘Snoozeville’

Kavaleer Productions are bringing ‘Alva and the Trolls’

Keg Kartoonz with ‘Zombabies/

Pink Kong Studios with ‘Urban Tails’

Salty Dog Pictures are bringing ‘The Mooneys’

You can check out more on their projects over on the Cartoon Forum site.

To make things even more exciting, Ireland has been announced as the very first spotlight country in the history of Cartoon Forum! How cool is that!!

Some of the Irish partners at this year’s event include Animation Ireland, the Irish Film Board, RTE Jnr. and Animation Skillnet.

We feel incredibly lucky to be part of this very special year and can’t wait to help represent the awesome Irish animation industry.

Roll on September!!!