A Week in Animation

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29th May 2015

A Week in Animation

I thought I would take a bit of time out from my usual random blogging rants about random thoughts that come into my even more random head (Word of the week is Random) and give a bit of an insight into my week.

“OOOh juicy” you might say, “tell us all the goss Stephen” and I will so here it goes smile

Well you know yer man with the ^& and yer one with all the ^&^* well last week I caught them… Just kidding, I’d never tell about yer man with the ^& and yer one with all the ^&^* it was just so, so wrong.

But here is a low down of the week from last Friday to today

Friday 22nd of May

Attended the Colaiste Dhulaigh end of year degree show and got to see the great work that the students and faculty are doing out there. I have to say Colaiste Dhulaigh have a great team out there and I can really see them picking up steam; having industry lead tutors from Boulder and Studio PowWow is really going to elevate the college into becoming a driving force in animation training over the next few years. Well done guys!

Saturday and Sunday

Found out my son got nominated as student of the year….I have spawned a genius smile

Yes vote: Frickin’ awesome! Proud of you Ireland!!

Mad Max Fury Road. There was actually a point while watching it that a tear came to my eye as I thought ‘Best Movie Ever!!!’

Monday 24th

Had a meeting about a new project for the Animation Skillnet Bridge program. If you’re an animator and want to get some experience over the summer check it out if you haven't already, but if you haven’t already why the hell not??

Tuesday 25th

Meeting with the board of Animation Ireland. If you don’t know what Animation Ireland is, it’s fast becoming the representative body for all of the animation studios in Ireland. I am proud to be part of it, working with all of the other animation studios to grow our industry for everyone. You wouldn’t believe the dedication and hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Also Animation Ireland is recruiting new members so contact Dan Spencer of Giant Animation if you’re interested.

Meeting with RTE through Animation Ireland, big thank you to Sheila and Pauline as well as Aoife and the two Denise's for taking the time to meet us. It just goes to show the dedication of everyone from producer to broadcasters to the homegrown animation industry in Ireland.

Wednesday 26th

The IFI for the Ballyfermot Animation showcase. Delighted to see the amazing work that's been constantly great from Ballyfermot students and again faculty, this time a veteran bunch of experienced tutors. We even got to witness the work of the first game degree in Ireland. Exciting stuff and can’t wait to see next years work.

The Nelly and Nora wrap party

If you haven't seen Nelly and Nora check it out. At Treehouse Republic we are all about dangerously funny action comedy for boys but after watching a couple of episodes last night I was delighted for the Geronimo Productions team. The animation is lovely and stories really engaging, I think they have a major hit on their hands.

Sheila and Pauline from RTE were there too, showing their support and after a heartfelt speech from Sheila about producing animation in Ireland it goes to show how engaged she and the RTE team are about helping the industry along.

And as for Thursday 27th

What’s on? I get to see the work the Pulse college students have done and I really can’t wait.

If the past week is anything to go by the Irish Animation sector is booming, moving positively in the right direction thanks to the work of so many such as Animation Ireland, Animation Skillnet, RTE,  Colaiste Dhulaigh. Ballyfermot college, Pulse college, all mentioned above but there are also Enterprise Ireland, The Irish Film Board, BAI, IADT, TG4, not to mention an ever expanding list of producers and artists


Next week

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