Christmas movie conversation

16th Dec 2014

Christmas movie conversation

Oh Chrimbo is just around the corner!

Yay, time to sit back relax and prepare for those feel good Chrimbo movies! We had a chat in the studio and asked what was the best Christmas movie of all time! But because we believe animation is not a genre but a medium we get to add in some live action too! we could be a typical blog post and try and build up our SEO by doing a top 10 Chrimbo movies and everyone could look at it and have their own arguments, but instead we thought we would act like it's actually Christmas day and have a conversation as if we were all sitting on the sofa after stuffing ourselves with drink and turkey. and lets be honest more drink. Someones after falling asleep in the corner (most likely Graham) and it's nice and warm, just warm enough that the mysterious noxious gases emanating from your side of the room are heating up but no one notices until it's too late and the waft of warm flatulence passes gently by their nostrils, but I digress.


So, as if there were just one telly and one remote, what would the conversation be like in Treehouse Republic? Well here is the conversation we had...


Stephen: What’s the best Christmas movie of all time?

Everyone: Die Hard!!!

Graham: Which one?

Dale & Kevin: What do you mean which one? Die hard 1

Stephen: What about Elf

Graham: But is Die Hard 2 more of a Christmas movie?

Kevin: Or  Ghostbusters?

Everyone else in shock: Shut up Graham

Stephen: What about Lethal Weapon?

Kevin: Trading Places?

Graham: I never actually seen that

Stephen, Kevin: WHAT!!!

Dale: Hmmm. it's not as good as I remember ( cracks back)

Kevin: Was that Christmassy?

Graham: I suppose it was.

Dale: Are we going by modern video on demand or classic movies because it's not like back in my day ( as he cracks his back again) where you would have to circle the paper. It has to be Christmassy,

Kevin: What about Joyeux Noël, the French movie??

Graham: Hold on hold on what Die Hard did we say?

Stephen, Dale, Kevin: Die Hard 1

Graham: But Die Hard 2 is a better christmas movie

The group are shocked

Graham: No No, Die Hard 1 is a better movie but Die Hard 2 is a better Christmas movie

The group relax

Stephen: Hold on hold on how is Die Hard 2 a better Christmas movie?

Graham: Because it has snow,

Dale: Yeah but thats it.

Graham: And it has an airport at Christmas

Kevin: So does Die hard 1

Stephen: And Die Hard 1 has an actual Christmas party

Dale: Forgot that DIe Hard has the best Christmas line ever

Kevin: Yippee Ki ay?

Graham: Hans bubby?

Dale:Ho ho ho, now I have a machine gun

Everybody: AWESOME!!!!

Stephen: You would think being animators we would have picked an animated movie, but its Christmas and Die Hard is gonna be on.

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