18th Jun 2014


Don’t Damn It!


After Steo’s post yesterday it got me thinking! Oooops! As a programmer / developer / code nut you run into an array of problems when you're building an application most notably the fantastic things that are syntax errors!!!!!!!!


Usually when I say something like ‘syntax error’ Steo’s mind starts to wonder off as its a bit too techie but for those who don’t know a syntax error is where an error occurs in a program because it cannot understand the command that has been entered.


These can drive you crazy and make you want to damn it all to hell! Which I have done and is very easy to do but it doesn’t make the error go away - in-fact it makes it worse!


You think by attacking the error whether it’s a syntax error or logical error in the program aggressively it will go away - it won’t but just like I mentioned it’ll make it worse. This is because you’re annoyed with the problem.


This is the wrong approach! Why you ask? This is because when you’re annoyed it makes you unhappy (awwwwhhhhh ) and less communicative :(. When someone is unhappy (developer or not) their learning centres are essentially turned off so they get stuck in a rut!   


How does this relate to a developer debugging a program? Simple if you keep an upbeat attitude and remind yourself about the good things of creating fantastic applications (by blogging about them! Wohoo!) you essentially relive the experience making yourself a happier person and turning on the learning centres in your brain. This then leads to you getting through those pesky syntax errors faster and finishing your application which I have to say is a very satisfying feeling!


Opening your communication back up is good too because you’re fellow workmates will be supportive of you and give you a fix and they may not even know it if they’re a developer or not!


Last week I watched a TED Talk by Shawn Achor - which was very good and actually very funny as well. It explains my little blog post in far more detail - here’s the link -

The moral of the story is think happy, stay positive, embrace and value your colleagues opinions and make cool things! That’s what Eric would do!


That's me for this week!