How To Beat Creative Burnout, The Treehouse Republic Way


4th Feb 2016

How To Beat Creative Burnout, The Treehouse Republic Way

Working in a high pressured creative industry is a great and rewarding experience.

Creative minds working together...writers, directors, producers and artists all working to create content that is designed to entertain, delight and educate the audience.

All this creative output while enjoyable is still hard work.

Deadlines loom over people at all times and can really be detrimental to the creative endeavour if not managed correctly.

Some people (myself included) have worn the badge of “honour” of doing all-nighters to hit the ever-looming deadlines. Working long days and weeks longing for the weekend that never comes.


When that attitude gets ingrained in you, it's difficult to change but it is something I personally, and Treehouse Republic in general, are actively striving to stamp out.

Sometimes it's a simple as getting out for a beer or two with the team after work, you'd be surprised at how much “work” can be done when people chat over a few drinks or a cup of coffee!

Pizza in the office...while delicious will never defrag the brain like getting out of the studio.


While deadlines are inevitable and long sessions in front of the computers will inevitably happen we need to try and keep them to a minimum. People can burn out so quickly in this game, mental exhaustion as well as being physically drained is not acceptable. Both the team and the project will always suffer as a result.

We need to think of creativity as a finite resource, just like the seas struggle to recover from overfishing, so too does the creative mind overworked….give it a break once in a while!


We are working hard at Treehouse Republic coming up with ways to chill out, and now that it's six nations time we will have NO weekend work in Treehouse Republic…at least for me….see you in the pub raspberry