How We Got Into The Animation Industry


30th Jun 2015

How We Got Into The Animation Industry

This week we’ve been joined by some very talented animators as part of the Bridge Programme and it’s made us think about how everyone here at Treehouse Republic got started on their career paths. We thought it might be interesting to share how our different staff members got into the business of animation...

Stephen, Managing Director

I was always into visual storytelling comics, film and cartoons. So animation was always a career path. Although nowadays it’s all about spreadsheets more than x-sheets, working and being creative was always the end goal.

Dale, Operations Director

I wanted to draw comics and had no idea how to get into that, so I went to the school guidance counsellor (there was no internet back then) and she had no idea either; she did find a course in animation though. I remember thinking, “Wow, you can do that as a job!?”  

Graham, Creative Director

I started as a storyboard artist. I just wanted to jump in and draw and go with the flow. I’ve being trying to structure it more as the years go on but it has taken me to some great places.

Kev, Technical Director

I still have no idea….career path? I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life….perhaps an explorer!

Patrick, Art Director

I loved animation and comics since I was a kid but I never thought I could have a career in it so when I first came out of secondary school I went into Computer Engineering; I realized that this wasn’t the thing for me so I decided to take the chance and do it so I came into college as a mature student and haven’t looked back since.

Joe, Animator Extraordinaire

Dales answer!  Clueless guidance counsellors sent me here!  I knew it had to be something creative , but no to be honest I had no real defined career path at first, I just knew whatever I did end up in, I was going to use to help me one day blow up the universe.

Darragh. Our Newest Recruit

It’s my first day.