18th Jun 2014


I know its Stephen’s day to blog and usually I talk about something to do with business thinking and Treehouse Republic or Superheros but today I wanted to talk about something different.


Its something I wanted to say for a long time now. (No this is not a confession, although it probably was me, I had a lot of chilli the night before and well….you know the rest)


LIke most of us I watched the Academy awards last week it was great to see animation up there and being recognised but in a way I was a little put off by how animation was portrayed.


Mainly because animation……….Is a medium not a GENRE!!!!!!!!!!!


Just because there is a large commercial aspect to it aimed mainly at kids does not make it a genre. Animated films have explored everything from Horror, to comedy and everything in between so saying animation is a genre is like saying a swiss army knife is a great spoon!


What animation does is go through every single part of the film production process getting it right at every single stage, because every stage is as important as the next, that is how we make sure the content is of quality. Animators don’t walk in draw a load of pictures and then hope they are going to look well together in post.


Unlike film everything in an animated film has to be created from the characters to the sky to the little spoon the main character put in there pocket in the opening act that saves the day in final scene ( yeah I know I mentioned spoons twice, I haven’t got a thing for spoons, I just loved the Tick cartoon and his battle cry ‘SPOON’)  film has the benefit of using actors and props and locations that are already there.


So why is it that the skill of the photographer is held in such high regard compared to the skill of the painter.


The only thing I can think of is ... the photographer throws bigger parties am I right or am I old and ranting I don’t know.


I am in no way knocking the abilities of filmmakers (although I have seen the first 5 minutes of the last airbender seriously and don’t get me started on Mercury rising) but I am saying as long as animation is held as a genre and not a medium itself people can never truly appreciate the talent, skill and genius