It’s been a year full of amazing memories


10th Dec 2015

It’s been a year full of amazing memories

As we are about to BulletStorm the doors of 2016 with an explosive blast of awesomeness and take on the new year like a flaming dragon steed swooping down from the skies of Avalon, I thought I would step back for a second and recap on a mega year at Treehouse Republic.

With the Ancient East project blasting onto the inter web early on in the year, Treehouse Republic started off mighty!


Treehouse Republic then kicked it at Kidscreen in Miami, where the boys kicked ass on muscle beach in chin up competitions and our new slate went down like a fine single malt.


Treehouse Republic rocked it at the Animation Dingle festival with the rest of Animation Ireland.

Animation Dingle // Conference 2015 from ONIT Media on Vimeo.

A new headquarters came about in May (check out our Instagram for a peek behind the scenes), and then the end of Enterprise Ireland’s Platform for Growth, followed quickly by Screen Leaders to make us even more awesome.

Treehouse Republic was nominated as one of the Top 25 up and coming studios in the world...yes in the world!!!!!!! by Animation Magazine. Bo ya!

We were in France to witness the devastation of the floods and to enjoy the epicness of another Mip and this year we even produced two mega shorts. One through Animation Skillnet with the very talented Patrick O’Callaghan directing, and the other...

(sorry, that bit has to be redacted. Top Secret and all that).

There have been a rake load of engagements and a baby; an unprecedented amount of trips to the UK and a lot of cake (Thanks Mary)


There have been new plans, new carpets and new cushions as well some of the same old Treehouse Republic madness, including a major increase into Kev’s Jazz Jokes.  

There are so many people to thank but a special thanks goes to Joe for being a legend. What’s to come? Well that’s next week!  

But a big mega Thank You to all of our team and to our clients for a mega awesome year!!