Look how perfectly music and animation make magic

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3rd Mar 2016

Look how perfectly music and animation make magic

Yesterday saw the announcement of a whole host of acts for the Electric Picnic festival and being a studio of music lovers it naturally got us thinking about our favourite animated music videos. 

We tried to limit our choices to only acts that had been announced but quickly realised that with the vast array of music videos out there we'd have to expand past the lineup because there are just so many awesome options to pick from. 

We all know that it's good to share so we wanted to show you some of our choices, there's a mix of Electric Picnic acts and some studio favourites here so we hope you like some of them grin

Stephen's picks

Electric Picnic Act

Awesome animated picks


One of the earliest examples of animated music videos so it definitely earned a place on our list.


Dale's Picks

Awesome Animated Picks

Dale wanted to make it clear that although these are his choices they are based purely on animated merit.

Kev's Pick
Awesome Animated Pick


Graham's Picks

Awesome Animated Picks



Joe's Picks

Awesome Animated Pick



Mary's Picks

Electric Picnic Acts



Awesome Stop Motion


Okay, these are Muppets and not technically animation but we wanted some LCD Soundsystem


Awesome Animated Picks





We have a special video to finish our list. Our very own Joe and his deadly band  The Mariannes just released this beautiful stop motion video for their latest track, The Black Diary Waltz. Be sure to check them out.


So there you have it, a short list of some of our favourite videos. Feel free to send us any that you think we may have missed. In the meantime, happy listening grin