Our Favourite Things to Animate


21st Jul 2015

Our Favourite Things to Animate

Here at Treehouse Republic we absolutely love animation in all of its forms and we truly believe that you can animate anything, no matter how challenging it may be - check out our projects page and you’ll see that for yourself. While we’d never,ever be able to pick just one favourite thing to work on we thought it would be interesting to share a selection of the things that each of us loves to animate, we’ve got everything from explosions to tractors (yes) to unicorns (yes, really) to superheroes...

Stephen, Managing Director

People getting hurt, I know it’s sadistic but slapstick stuff is brilliant and so much funnier when it’s animated.

Expressions, nothing better when you pull off an expression on a character's face that just looks priceless.

Illustrating superheros, yup, big geek for comics and like most animators I spend my down time perfecting my Batman drawings, also Spiderman is only great when he is in the most awkward pose ever.

Friends and family just for ridicule purposes.

Effects and Smears, oooooooh they make me giddy.

Dale, Operations Manager

Any walks/runs for all characters are a personal fave of mine, I love trying to figure out how to get the character's personality into the walk.

You can have tons of fun with double takes, I find the more ridiculous the better.

A lot of people hate lip syncing but it’s the part of the animation where I get to relax and tune out for a while as I focus on the audio.

Graham, Creative Director


The teenager in me still wants to animate fight scenes.

I love the challenge of subtle character animation.

Swooshy patterns and effects.


Kev, Technical Director




Bouncy hills and trees,


Patrick, Art Director

Expressive characters, plenty of acting!

Comic book style character/poses.

One panel, comic strip style, musings.

Joe, Animator Extraordinaire

Emotive S**t,

Musical S**t,

Bouncy S**t,

Retro S**t,

Challenging S**t.

Darragh, Our Newest Recruit

Dust Clouds,


Space ships,


Action scenes.