These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Projects


28th Jul 2015

These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Projects

We cover a broad range of areas in the work that we do, everything from commercials to collaborations with agencies to creating our very own dangerously funny universes, so it can be tricky to choose a favourite project but that’s what we’re doing today! Check out the clips to get an idea of the work we love. Everyone’s picked something different so you’ll see lots of variety in the projects and if you want to see even more you can check out our projects page grin

Stephen, Managing Director

Way, way too many to count but Dragon Fist was great. I love the development end of things. I love playing God and creating new universes and Dragon Fist was our biggest world so far.


Dale, Operations Director

A personal favourite of mine was working on a Bugs Bunny short for Space Jam, Bugs is one of my heroes and to get to work with those iconic characters was a highlight in my career.


Graham, Creative Director

I would have to say Dragon Fist and Epic Eric but it’s a goal of ours to make sure that at least one part of every project is better than anything we have done before. This makes me look forward to every project. On a side note any project where I get to play my Synth always makes my smile.


Kev, Technical Director

For me personally it was working on the live action shoot for Ireland's Ancient East  We worked with In The Company of Huskies and Cashmere Media. We had 4.30 am starts and got back late each night, we had crazy wind, ridiculous rain, and ice cold temperatures….but I got to see parts of the country I haven't seen since I was a kid and had great fun with a group of people passionate about the project. Ireland is really a beautiful place.


Joe, Animator Extraordinaire

Can’t tell , I honestly treat them all equally.  As long as you get to be creative I love the variety of having a new challenge with different projects, and always trying to better the standard with each new piece of work. Saying that, there’s a few beauties of projects coming up that’ll most probably clinch it.


Darragh, Our Newest Recruit

A short I made with some college friends called “Bugg and Mr Hill”