Week 04 Production/Post


28th Jun 2017

Week 04 Production/Post

So once we had everything ready to go it was time to start animation. We animated Slaps and
Sandbags in Adobe Animate. First thing in the animaiton process is to set up the individual
scenes. This involves dropping your animatic, backgrounds and character files into the
software, to be made ready for the animator. To illustrate this I’m going to use scene 004 from
the short as an example. (Here’s a reminder of the animatic for that scene. )

When the animator opens the scene, they are greeted with something like this.

The first thing our animators on this short, (Rory Kerr, Jack O’Shea and Joe Maher) had to do is
key out the scene. This is where the guys put the most important poses of the characters'
animation down so that the director can get a sense of the scene's timing and steer the
animator in the direction that it has to go.

After the director gives their notes, the animator creates their inbetweens and cleans up the key
drawings, ending up with a much smoother finished animation.

After the scene has been signed off by the director, it’s time to go to the comp department. The
compers break up the animation into all the required layers to render and add the final effects
and polish to get our scene to the finished look.

Around this time we made the decision to add a thicker stroke around the characters. This
meant having to separate everything that needed the stroke form everything that didn’t.

We didn’t want the pizza slice to have the thicker stroke, so that was added in separately.

Then we had to add the fingers back in over the pizza, also without the stroke.


After every layer was composited we added a shimmer layer to give a feel of daylight and really
tie the character to the scene.

The final scene looked like this,

Once all the scenes have been successfully comped, they are all stitched together to create
what is the final short. After the sound design is completed, it's just a matter of mixing and
mastering the sound with the music added in to make sure everything is working together in
perfect harmony and our short is ready to go.
Anyways, that's it for now, thanks for following. I'll leave you with this piece of wisdom my
father gave me n my wedding day; if you ever want to make a juggler laugh , just tickle his
Watch this space for more more news on Slaps and Sandbags whacky adventures and
upcoming Treehouse productions. smile
You can watch the final short here. Enjoy.