What Makes The Irish Animation Industry So Awesome?

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1st Sep 2016

What Makes The Irish Animation Industry So Awesome?

It’s been a busy Summer for Irish animation with everything from the Hasbro/ Boulder Media partnership, international co-productions for Telegael and a whole lot of behind the scenes preparation for Cartoon Forum and their Irish spotlight later this month. We may be a small country but we are definitely holding our own at an international level so what is it that sets the Irish animation industry apart for everyone else? We’ve been having a chat about that in the studio and this is what we believe makes it so special...

Stephen, Managing Director

Besides been wicked awesome, fun,  and great people to deal with in general, the Irish animation industry stands out because we all work together. It's often been said that there is nowhere else in the world like it.

Dale, Operations Director

Treehouse Republic is a shining beacon that makes Ireland stand out from the rest. Brown Bag who??? No, the reality is that the Irish animation industry stands out because all the studios work like a team, every studio is happy to help out one another and we stand united on a world front, a rare thing that Ireland does very well.

Kev, Technical Director

I feel that the thing that makes the industry in Ireland stand out is the relationship between studios. Every studio in the country knows each other very well, all of us have friends in other studios and there is a real sense of community. When the Irish studios get together at tradeshows and events we all seem to have a common goal that is growing the animation industry in Ireland.

Graham, Creative Director

From my experience the industry is full of passionate people who love what they do and most have an above average ability to creatively problem solve and get high quality animation made with the resources they have.

Joe, Lead Animator
By default we are one of, if not the most passionate people on the planet when we put our collective minds to something ( just look back at the footie fans at the euros! ), and over the past decade or two we’ve seen a huge shift in what kind of professionals we are producing in this country, and animation is thriving. I think Ireland is starting to realise that we can actually do this stuff just as well as the rest of them, and that our talents reach further than farming and replacing spark plugs. Our relentless work ethic applied to jobs we really love like animation will eventually see us top the market in this game.

So there you have it, passionate people and a sense of community between the studios are the things that really make Ireland a great place for animation. We’re incredibly lucky to be part of such a creative industry and we can’t wait to get over to Cartoon Forum with the other Irish studios!