Why We Love The Late Late Toy Show


3rd Dec 2015

Why We Love The Late Late Toy Show

Hello all,

We at Treehouse Republic are super busy finishing off some awesome projects at the moment and getting ready for some visits. Unfortunately I’m not allowed talk about a lot of them but we did do a sweet “ad takeover” with Core Media which we will be putting up online this week.

I am going to talk about something that is a little bit related, but, well not at all. Ireland’s big bad joke.

No no, feck off, I’m not going to talk about anything political, I’m talking about the “Late Late Toy Show”.

It’s the beginning of the Christmas period. A happy time, where it becomes acceptable to watch “The Snowman” on repeat and have The Maccabees version of “Walking In The Air" become the theme song for life.


With it being so busy in here there have been quite a few late nights and a lot of hard graft, so why on earth did I find myself ringing home to make sure the Toy Show was on pause so I didn’t miss the start? Some cheap wine gets mulled up and we sit down to watch!

Damn, it was weird. A host who surely had a caffeine drip cleverly connected to him, and instead of cute kids doing cute things with toys, there were little people oddly well trained in the ancient martial art of panto.

This is where the bad joke comes in. If you tell a bad joke at the table everyone at the table connects with each other in the common experience of thinking this joke is terrible, we all chuckle.  If you tell a “good” joke that provokes thought and appeals to a deeper sense of humour then you divide the table.  Some people agree, some people don't, some people are offended, some people aren't and some people just plain don't get it.

The Late Late Toy show is the lite entertainment we can all get behind together, without leaving anyone out.  So I sat and watched and enjoyed, with the view that I could go into work in the morning and share it with everyone.  We could have a laugh and pick our favourite moment, hoping beyond hope that we witness another John Joe.

Nope, no one else in the studio watched it, just me.  Oh well!  The joke is on me!  So we might as well appeal to that deeper sense of humour, get that new thought rattling around in our audience's head and if you don't get it?  Well I wasn’t talking to you anyway!

Seriously though RTE, the Toy Show is a brilliant institution, keep up the good work, and yes I really want a big BB8.