Action Comedy series For boys 7 -11 years old

52 x 11” episodes

In the ambiguously distant future a bizarre hedonistic alien race known throughout the galaxy as the SELTZE has enslaved Earth by introducing a bio-engineered bubble gum that controls the human mind and creates docile slaves.

But not all humans have succumbed to oppression; clans of free thinking humans are spread throughout the land, and word is spreading that a weapon with the power to defeat the Seltze has been found: the DRAGON FIST!

In the hands of a master the Dragon Fist would be unstoppable; unfortunately for Earth it’s in the hands of JAKE, a 14 year old boy with a tendency for horse play and no understanding of the Dragon Fist’s true potential. Guided by his companions, WILLIE, the eccentric monk; DORF, his alien warrior bodyguard; SOPHS, the only human with knowledge of Seltze technology; and SIMON, their pet space-goat, Jake must avoid the Advanced Seltze Squad that has been assigned to eliminate him and travel from clan to clan learning new skills in order to do all that cool, flashy, power stuff with those sweet martial art skills from the old timey movies. Oh and they will probably save humanity from the Seltze too.