Epic Eric


DWAYNE just found out that having to share your bedroom with a SUPERHERO is not what its all cracked up to be!

When Dwayne's uncle ERIC turns out to be THE CORE, the world's greatest superhero who has been regressed to a 12 year old, his life gets turned upside down as substitute mad scientists, cheerleader gangs, giant robo-bullies and homework get in the way.

Eric and Dwayne are ready to save the world, but they have to avoid getting terminally wedgied in the process.

26 x 11 minutes

EPIC ERIC - Dance Of Doom

 It's time for annual sparkle spectacular dance of love and sharing in Tranqville high. Eric and Dwayne are at home and all Dwayne is interested in is finishing his latest invention: the portable prank detector. Convincing Dwayne to go to the dance, the boys head for school, but when they get there the portable prank detector goes nuts. Eric and Dwayne discover that someone is planning a prank on the entire dance. Can Dwayne face his fear of girls to save the day?

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